Disclaimer and Guidelines

The Monster Channel, website, and the original graphics are copyrighted with all rights reserved.

However The Monster Channel is just a streaming and on demand service which uses to the best of our knowledge public domain works. Individual programming shown on the stream are used with permission and are strictly owned by the hosts or production companies that produce said works. All views expressed by the hosts are strictly theirs and in no way affiliated with The Monster Channel as an entity. In short they are responsible for their own content. Although we do or best to screen each program we cannot guarantee nor do we take responsibility for their content such as copyright violations, offensive content, etc. and all such grievances should be directed towards the hosts not the channel itself. If you feel that something is in violation or offensive contact us through our Facebook page so we are aware of the issues and can help direct you to contact the source.

With that being stated we do not discriminate against any host or their content if they wish to work with us in streaming their shows. As long as they meet our quality standards and can work with our submission schedule we are willing to give any host or show a non-guaranteed timeslot in our weekly schedules. The Monster Channel reserves the right to choose to show or terminate a show at their discretion. Basically nothing is guaranteed due to the volume of programming and shows we work with at any given time.

The Monster Channel also provides a chat room option for viewers to talk about the programming often along with the hosts. We encourage it’s use in a respectful and fun way…however any abusive language towards others in chats, the hosted programming, or the channel itself will not be tolerated. The Monster Channel reserves the right to ban any user from the chat who we feel is violating it’s intended use.

We at the Monster Channel strive to provide the most entertaining stream possible and the secret to that is the variety of hosted programming. We will continue to provide a free entertaining stream as long as viewers and hosts continue to work with us to provide a fun entertaining environment combining the programming and chat. We are always open to questions, comments, or concerns so again feel free to reach out to us through our Facebook page.

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